Tuesday, August 24, 2010

44-Mari Mengenal Kelantan

Kelantan Malays are a different breed. Unlike other Malays, they are believed to originate from old Malay civilizations from the north, not the south. Many Kelantanese also have Thai ancestry. This is why they have always been different from other Malays in Malaysia, both culturally and physically. However, they are considered and treated as normal Malays.

Kelantanese Malay dialect is distinguished from standard Malay as well as other Malay dialects by its unique grammar, pronunciation and figures of speech.

Kelantanese Malay is the only lingua franca of the state, is used in the local mass media, and is so commonly used for daily communication that some Kelantanese cannot speak the standard form of Malay, as promoted by the Federal Government. The dialect is also prevalent beyond the state borders in southern Thailand and in Besut, the northernmost district of Terengganu. Whilst the Arab script called Jawi has less influence in the other parts of Malaysia, it is still widely used in writing and printing the Malay language in Kelantan. Signboards in Kelantan are written in both Jawi and Rumi. To a certain extent, Thai is also used.

95% of Kelantan's population are ethnic Malay, and under the Malaysian Constitution, all Malays are Muslims; therefore, Islam is the most influential religion in the state.

*No wonder la gua 'RARE'.

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